Welcome to South Lindhurst


WASC News Update:

CONGRATULATIONS SLHS For Receiving A Full 6 Year WASC Accreditation!!!!


Knights Mission Statement

South Lindhurst High School is a family where all students develop socially and academically.  Our mission is to prepare all students to become respectful, responsible, and positive leaders that never give up.

Our Students

South Lindhurst High School is available for students that are of the following:
  • Ages 16-19 and 11th - 12th grades
  • behind on credits and attempting to catch up
  • need a smaller more flexible academic program
  • In specific cases, looking to accelerate graduation

What's Different About South LIndhurst?

  • Small flexible environment that treats every student, parent, and staff member as family
  • Built in Guidance Period every Thursday to identify student talents and develop them into strengths.  Built in Career Exploration and 21st Century Skills to make students competitive within the job market and all college/career pathways.  In addition, all students set quarter goals and monitor academic progress with staff support.
  • Built in FLEX DAY every Thursday for academic intervention and extension.  "Catch Students Early and Often"
  • Ongoing College & Career Workshops and guidance support to develop transition plans for all students
  • Community involvement and service is a priority!

South Lindhurst PBIS Schoolwide Expectations

"Never Give Up"
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Positive

Student Enrollment Contract Responsibilites

**Violation of any one of the 3 Responsibilities could result in a referral to another educational program at the quarter**
  • Minimum of 85% period attendance
  • Earn a minimum of 12 credits per quarter with a goal to earn 20+ credits per quarter
  • Zero tolerance when it comes to fighting and other forms of chronic discipline

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes For All

  • Achievement
               *Mastery of standards based curriculum
               *Completing all required coursework
               *Meeting credit requirements toward graduation
  • Character
               *Increase attendance rate to 98%
               *Participation in extracurricular opportunities & community service
               *Positive decision making
  • Transition
               *Identify personal talents and develop them into strengths
               *College and Career inventory, exploration, and preparation
               *Technology literacy